Enter The Dance is a lifestyle brand with a strong emphasis and focus towards dance music and and record digging culture.

Born out of a desire to create; the brand’s direction was refined through the pandemic when social interaction and dancefloor get togethers were at an all time low, something the world suddenly realised it had been taking for granted all these years.

Inspired by the momentary connections, the lifelong bonds, the endless search for new sounds, and the hedonistic dancefloors which host the spectacle - week in - week out, Enter The Dance stands for the peace and love which comes with the foundation sound of dance music. Where egos are left at the door and the room becomes one. 

We produce contemporary clothing that nods to the nostalgic culture of yesteryear; made with respect for both people and the planet. (Almost) All of the garments we use are ethically and sustainably produced, using recycled materials and ensuring proper pay for the workers who make it. 

Enter The Dance is for the people. Not for the exclusive or the self-righteous ‘elite’. In a world full of self worth driven by social media status, people overlook the importance of cracking a smile and just being nice.

So smile, and be nice :)

Enter The Dance is currently available online, at Phonica in Soho, at All My Friends in Hackney Wick and at Planet Wax in New Cross. If you're after anything on the store that appears sold out, feel free to drop us a message on Instagram to see if any of these retailers have what you're after :)